Pump up the CADD, Pump it up…

Ah, CADD pumps… you may be wondering, what is a CADD pump? Basically, Isla’s IV medicine is delivered through a pump. Her current pump is the CADD legacy. It contains 100ml of diluted medicine and has to be changed out every 48 hours. It take about 45 minutes to change and has to be done in a sterile environment. We look like characters from Breaking Bad when we are mixing. The pump is pretty big, especially for an infant. It has been hooked up to the temporary picc line in her arm. We are getting the picc line removed and are switching to a different pump. The original plan was to remove the picc line and get a permanent broviac line put into her chest and hooking that to the legacy. Here is a picture of what that would look like:


As you can see, that looks pretty terrible! Well, we now have the option of trying a smaller pump that delivers the medication subcutaneously. Similar to insulin infusion. There are lots of pros- smaller pump, smaller line, no mixing required, no anesthesia required to put in a permanent broviac line. The only con is it can cause site pain. Studies show that the pain can be unbearable for adults but for some reason, children tolerate it. So we are going to give it a whirl. We had to add two more oral meds to her regime to help prevent site pain. We are headed to the hospital on Tuesday to try it out, so wish us luck!

IMG_0891 Here is a picture of Isla and her CADD Legacy:

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