Paging Dr. Fordyce

The switch to SubQ went really well. We put the SubQ site in her left arm the day before the planned switch. They recommend doing it one day in advance to make sure there is no site reaction, and luckily she didn’t have one. Here is a picture of the site in her left arm and you can also see the PICC line in her right arm.


We had one day to go until we could get that PICC line out, but Isla decided we needed a little excitement, so she pulled it out that night. It had been working it’s way out, so we weren’t too surprised, but we had to go to the ER to get an IV put in and hook her medicine back up. Not too fun, but we all survived!

The next day we hooked her medicine up to the SubQ site and they monitored in the hospital for 24 hours. Everything was fine until about 24 hours later she was favoring her right arm and was extra fussy, so she was clearly having site pain. That lasted 24 hours, and since then she has been doing really well. The new pump is so much easier to manage. It is about the size of a pager and it comes with a case which we clip to her pants. It already feels like less baggage. Now… if we can just get her off the Oxygen. Image


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