Slow and Steady Wins the Race

It’s amazing how hard it is to get anything done when you have a little one. I’ve been meaning to update since Isla’s last PH Doctor appointment which was March 14… so here we are, almost a month later 🙂

The actual appointment was tough because we had to move her site again while we were there. The one in her arm had dislodged and started bleeding, so we moved it to her leg. That was the third site in a two week period, so it was not ideal. Her leg got very swollen and she was in pain for a few days, but everything went back to normal and so far the leg site has “gone to sleep” as they say. Really the only sucky thing (well not really the only thing) is that we have to give her a sponge bath because we can’t submerge her in water 😦

Here you can see how swollen her poor leg was-



Isla had an EKG and another Echo at her appointment. It was her first normal EKG. Woo-Hoo! The Echo looked the same as it did in February. Not better, not worse. Her Doctor said that normally he would increase her meds because she is growing, but he did not increase them. His hope is that she will keep growing and she will continue to improve and it will get to a point where she outgrows the meds. His goal is to get her off of the SubQ Remodulin, but she would remain on the oral meds for “a while”. We will take it! If we can get her off the pump, it would be absolutely life changing! Oral meds are NOTHING!

I keep trying to figure out why this is happening to Isla. There must be some sort of reason, right? I just have to remind myself what a good friend told me- “Don’t try to figure out why… just be with your daughter and love her unconditionally!”

It’s hard not knowing what the future will hold. I just hope that Isla’s Doctor has the right hunch and that she will outgrow this. He has to be right! He just has to!!! We will keep chugging along, slow and steady… we will get through this…