It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

That pretty much sums up this last year. Having a child is one of the most rewarding, fun, exhausting, challenging, amazing, did I say exhausting? experiences. Everyone says it’s life changing, and people try to prepare you for it… but the only way to truly understand is to go through it. Although I did read a good article with some preparation tips such as- get an orangutan and put it in a car seat and try to keep your eyes on the road, set your alarm every 2-3 hours at night, handcuff one hand behind your back and go about your day, etc. Good pointers for sure 😉 I digress… what I was going to say is- Isla definitely threw a little curveball into the “normal” (is there such a thing?) parenthood experience, but it has certainly taught us a lot and made us all much stronger. I absolutely love being a mom and I absolutely love our little Islabug! 

I cannot believe Isla is turning one! We are sooo excited that we can actually light a candle on her cake without the risk of an explosion (no daytime O2) Yay! It’s the little things:) Isla’s birthday is on Wednesday June 25th, but we had a few friends over today to celebrate. 


We made a zebra cake for Isla because a zebra is a good representation of PH. Doctors are taught, “if it sounds like hoof beats, think horse”… so for example if someone is having trouble breathing, think asthma or anxiety. PH sounds like so many other common diseases, but it’s not… just like a zebra looks and sounds like a horse, it isn’t a horse!!! And it’s quite rare. Anyway, this looked like a normal cake, didn’t it?


Isla’s next appointment is in August, so keep your positive thoughts headed her way. In the meantime, one of Isla’s Respiratory Therapists, Abbey Smith, from Children’s Hospital is riding in the Courage Classic which benefits Children’s Colorado. Because of Children’s Colorado and all of the people who cared for Isla, like Abbey, we are able to celebrate Isla’s first birthday! They saved her life and we are forever grateful. Consider helping Abbey meet her goal. Any little bit helps.

Happy 1st Birthday Islabug! 

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