Winter (almost) Update

Isla had her PH follow-up appointment on Friday. She is getting to an age now where she knows something is going on and is wary of all of the doctors… Because of her PH she gets monthly labs and also a month RSV vaccination (during the winter) so she is poked and prodded a lot, so I don’t blame her for being wary! Results from her echo looked good. Her heart continues to look better so we started to wean her pump medication!!!!!! The hope is to have her off the pump by the end of March. We are going back for another check in January, so fingers crossed it continues to look good. Our doctor wants to do another heart cath once she is off the pump which I can’t even think about. I’m terrified to put her under again… Ugh! One day at a time. I took a couple pix at her last visit but they all turned out blurry because she was running around so much!