On Track…

We had our follow-up appointment on Friday. Echo and EKG are still looking good! So the plan is to start diluting her pump medication and once she is down to 8ng/kg/min then she can come off (she is at 16 now). She will be admitted to Children’s when we take her off so they can monitor her. We will spend the night (ugh!) and the next morning she will have to have a heart cath (ugh!). We asked if there was any way around doing the cath, but her Doctor feels it’s extremely important to see what her pulmonary pressures are. We definitely want to make sure everything looks good so we can all be certain that coming off the pump is the right decision, but we are scared! We just have to stay focused on the end result which will be a pump-free Isla. We might just have to stop at a pool when we check out of the hospital! We will find out soon when all of this will happen, but likely end of April/beginning of May. Here are some pix from this last visit!




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