Cath Update #2

Isla was a champ! We were able to go back to post op as she woke up. We had to keep her flat for an hour which was hard because she woke up pretty quickly. We are now back to the floor and will hopefully be able to go home today!

Her cath results were really good. It’s all quite complex, so the quick version is- she still has mild PH but her pressures are much closer to normal… Not quite normal, but close! We have the green light to take her off the pump and keep her on oral meds. We will continue to do echocardiograms and ekgs in clinic regulary and just hope that she continues to outgrow this. Our doctor is hopeful but also prepared us for the fact that since we don’t know why she has PH in the first place, there is a chance it could worsen later. However, the outgrowing theory seems to make sense and that’s what we will focus on.

Thank you all for for love, support and prayers. This was a really stressful couple of days and you kept us strong. We are joyous that we can report out good news. xo




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