Today Was a Good Day!

Every time I hop on here to write a post, the words flow. For some reason, today, that’s not the case. I feel kind of stunned, shocked, and almost confused, because today Isla’s doctor said her heart looks 100% normal. Normal!!! After her echo and EKG today, Isla is ready to come off of her one and only heart medication. I really never knew if this day would actually come. While we have some more steps to take, such as more blood draws, echos and potentially heart caths to monitor her progress, we are now on a different, and much better path.

One of the things I have been thinking about is how innocent Isla is. While we received some amazing news today, Isla can’t celebrate with us because she doesn’t even know what she has been through. Can you imagine the innocence of someone who has endured so much, but doesn’t even know it? With the news today, we might be able to maintain that innocence. For that, I am so relieved and grateful.

We are now living in uncharted territory, and she will likely be monitored by her Cardiologist until she is an adult, even if things stay normal. PH is a part of us now, and we will always be a part of the cause. The PH community needs more stories like Isla’s. Some day. One day. #PHAware #miracleshappen