Longest Day of the Year!

Happy Summer Solstice! It is officially the longest day of the year… but really, who are we kidding… each day since May 28th has been the longest day of the year 😉

It’s been a nice Friday… last Friday on bed rest, last Friday before officially becoming parents! Quite a few people came for a visit today. It’s nice to still feel the love after being here this long. I think it’s easy for people to reach out at first when something happens and then go back to their normal lives… so to know that friends and family have been at our side every step of the way means the world to both me and Matt.

We discovered that since I have been here I have lost weight. Not that you can tell, but I am 1 pound less than when I checked it. Normally when you are pregnant, you should gain half a pound to a pound per week in the third trimester. I am eating, just not as much as normal since I am not doing anything, so I’m not as hungry. Plus, I think I’m losing muscle mass. The Doctor isn’t concerned… I think if I was staying longer then it would become an issue, but for now we are good. So I have a few days where I can splurge!

I actually searched bed rest weight loss on the web and found it’s pretty common, so that made me feel better. As long as babybug is growing, that’s what matters. I made sure to snack more today. I’ll leave you with a couple of articles I found on the topic 🙂

Managing Weight While on Bed Rest

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