It was all worth it :)


I wanted to make one final post to let you know that everything worked out. Our baby Isla was born on June 25th, weighing in at 4 pounds 14.5 ounces and was 18.5 inches long (this pic is from just after birth). She had to go into NICU for 1 hour but was released and did well. She had a little trouble holding her temperature here and there and she had to go into the incubator a couple of times. It was sad to see her in there but she actually seemed to like it, she just slept. Nevertheless, we were happy when they took her out and wheeled it away:


We stayed in the hospital from Tuesday through Sunday and were finally discharged once she could hold her temperature and had put on a little weight. Being back at home with Matt, Isla and the doggies has been amazing. We are loving every minute of it. Isla is as sweet as can be. She’s a great sleeper and eater and is a resilient little girl. As hard as the time in the hospital was, and as cliche as it sounds- it really was all worth it. We are overjoyed to finally be parents and are excited for what’s ahead! Image


Twas the Night Before…


We made it to 37 weeks! Tomorrow we’ll get to meet our little bug and we can’t wait. It feels like Christmas Eve felt like when you were a kid… lots of excitement and anticipation. Hopefully we’ll be able to sleep tonight. Thanks to all for checking in and following our adventure… and for all of the love and support! I will try to make an update as soon as I can. xoxo

Almost there…

Today our friends and Matt got me another massage. I am so lucky! It was amazing and sooo needed. My body is so stiff, so it was really beneficial. I’m a little worried about the recovery from all of this, it’s definitely going to take a while. 

Tomorrow is officially the last day of bed rest, I can’t believe it! It will be the end of one journey as we move full speed ahead into the next one. This is when it would be really nice to be able to get up and do things, because I have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be a long day and night. Luckily mum is back in town, so she can distract me. It’s strange because I have been unable to fulfill the normal nesting behaviors. Matt has had to take care of all of that, and he has done amazing. Everything at home is ready to go for babybug… I can’t wait until we are all back there! Soon enough!

Hospital Pampering


Today I got a pleasant surprise… my nurse came into my room with a ‘champagne mocktail’ and asked if I wanted a pedicure. It was amazing! I know that’s not part of her job description… she really went out of her way to pamper me, how cool is that?! On top of that, the Doctor changed my monitoring orders so I can be off the monitor overnight. Last night was the first night since I checked in that I have had a full night of uninterrupted sleep. Needless to say, today was a good day. What’s even better is mum is returning tomorrow and we only have 2 full days left before the big day… pretty exciting!

Longest Day of the Year!

Happy Summer Solstice! It is officially the longest day of the year… but really, who are we kidding… each day since May 28th has been the longest day of the year 😉

It’s been a nice Friday… last Friday on bed rest, last Friday before officially becoming parents! Quite a few people came for a visit today. It’s nice to still feel the love after being here this long. I think it’s easy for people to reach out at first when something happens and then go back to their normal lives… so to know that friends and family have been at our side every step of the way means the world to both me and Matt.

We discovered that since I have been here I have lost weight. Not that you can tell, but I am 1 pound less than when I checked it. Normally when you are pregnant, you should gain half a pound to a pound per week in the third trimester. I am eating, just not as much as normal since I am not doing anything, so I’m not as hungry. Plus, I think I’m losing muscle mass. The Doctor isn’t concerned… I think if I was staying longer then it would become an issue, but for now we are good. So I have a few days where I can splurge!

I actually searched bed rest weight loss on the web and found it’s pretty common, so that made me feel better. As long as babybug is growing, that’s what matters. I made sure to snack more today. I’ll leave you with a couple of articles I found on the topic 🙂

Managing Weight While on Bed Rest

Staying Healthy During Pregnancy Bed Rest

Recovery Plan

Last night the stars aligned and I actually got a good nights sleep! The nurses only woke me up twice… it was amazing. Both last night and today I got a lot of 4 hour breaks from the monitor. It seems like babybug is more reactive, which is a great sign…

So, I started googling ‘Physical Recovery from Bed Rest’ today because I am really starting to feel the side effects. I am stiff and definitely weak. I feel physically tired after taking a shower. I came across some forums of people talking about their long term bed rest… and a lot of them were on bed rest for 10+ weeks. One was 20 weeks! I can’t imagine. I will hit 4 weeks before delivery… I just can’t imagine 20. Wow, that really puts things in perspective.

Here’s a good article about the importance of exercises while on bed rest. Luckily a physical therapist came to see me a couple of weeks ago and gave me some stretches to do every day. They are very simple and are more for circulation than anything, but it’s better than nothing. I haven’t found much out there on recovering from bed rest, but I think I will just see how it goes and if I experience any issues, I’ll go to a physical therapist.

It’s nice to know we are close enough to start thinking about recovery!!!

There are no cats in America…


Do you remember that movie ‘An American Tail’? Matt and I were joking about it the other day… I feel like Fievel, separated from my family. Now in the middle of the night, I wake up thinking about that song ‘Somewhere Out There’ as I gaze out the window. I’m not sure if that’s sad or funny. Let’s go with funny! 

So, I am off the monitor right now for 4 hours, yay! The last two days I haven’t gotten off a whole lot. They keep saying she’s reassuring but not reactive… meaning her heart rate is stable but not spiking in a way they like to see. There are still some dips as usual too. We’re thinking there is something going on with the cord. It must be wrapped around something or tied in a knot, so when she moves a certain way, it must cut of the flow and make the heart rate drop. But it always goes back up, so it’s stable. Of course this is all speculation and we don’t really know, hence why I am here! It will be interesting to see the cord when she comes out on Tuesday!!!

My hat yarn came in so I hope to get that finished soon. If I can actually finish that and make a dent on the baby cardigan, I will be happy. I’m not sure how much time I will have once babybug arrives…

36 Weeks!!!

I can’t believe we made it to 36 weeks! We checked in here 3 weeks ago and the thought of making it this long seemed impossible. Based on the fact that we’ve been able to let babybug grow a little longer and based on todays Ultrasound results, it turns out that sitting on your ass for 3 weeks really does help! The ultrasound showed that the amniotic fluid was up to a normal level and was even higher than last week, dopplers looked good, her movement looked good, it all looked good! They normally wait 4 weeks to do growth checks, but since it was our last appointment they went ahead and did it, even though the last check was only 2.5 weeks ago. She is still small, but they estimated 5 pounds (last time they estimated 3 pounds and 14 ounces). The growth checks can be off a pound either way, but regardless… we’ll take it!

The perinatologist recommends we keep our appointment for next Tuesday and because my placenta hasn’t moved enough, we will still move forward with a C-Section. The only things that could push the date up would be signs of preeclampsia or any negative changes to the fetal heart monitoring. So, we’ll keep you posted… for now we’re just keeping our eye on the prize!

The Power of Vulnerability

I normally only do one post a day, but I wanted to share this. I was reading an Oprah magazine and came across an interview with Brene Brown. They referenced Brene’s TED Talk on ‘The Power of Vulnerability‘… so I watched it. What perfect timing considering I am in a very vulnerable stage currently. It helped me accept that it’s okay to be vulnerable right now, it’s actually a good thing. What is interesting is Matt sent me Brene Brown’s ‘Parenting Manifesto’ a couple of months ago which is something we both want to practice as we raise babybug. Funny how it resurfaced a week before we become parents. I’ve posted it below, along with a link to an 8×10 printout.

The Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto
Above all else, I want you to know that you are loved and loveable.

You will learn this from my words and actions—the lessons on love are in how I treat you and how I treat myself.

I want you to engage with the world from a place of worthiness.

You will learn that you are worthy of love, belonging, and joy every time you see me practice self-compassion and embrace my own imperfections.

We will practice courage in our family by showing up, letting ourselves be seen, and honoring vulnerability. We will share our stories of struggle and strength. There will always be room in our home for both. 

We will teach you compassion by practicing compassion with ourselves first; then with each other. We will set and respect boundaries; we will honor hard work, hope, and perseverance. Rest and play will be family values, as well as family practices.

You will learn accountability and respect by watching me make mistakes and make amends, and by watching how I ask for what I need and talk about how I feel.  

I want you to know joy, so together we will practice gratitude. 

I want you to feel joy, so together we will learn how to be vulnerable.

When uncertainty and scarcity visit, you will be able to draw from the spirit that is a part of our everyday life. 

Together we will cry and face fear and grief. I will want to take away your pain, but instead I will sit with you and teach you how to feel it. 

We will laugh and sing and dance and create. We will always have permission to be ourselves with each other. No matter what, you will always belong here.

As you begin your Wholehearted journey, the greatest gift that I can give to you is to live and love with my whole heart and to dare greatly.

I will not teach or love or show you anything perfectly, but I will let you see me, and I will always hold sacred the gift of seeing you. Truly, deeply, seeing you.×10.pdf

Last Ultrasound Tomorrow!

My dad and I were joking yesterday that they need to come up with a different name for ‘Bed Rest’. Doesn’t ‘Bed Rest’ sound so relaxing? Who wouldn’t want to rest in their bed? I think they should call it: Bed Fatigue or Bed Prison or Freedom Snatcher or Muscle Mass Remover. What do you think? Clearly you can tell that I don’t think it’s relaxing 🙂

So, it looks like our LAST ultrasound will be tomorrow. The Perinatologist won’t be here on Thursday so they bumped it up. I’m nervous and excited… we are getting so close! Today was a nice day. Some co-workers stopped by for lunch… I am so lucky to work at such a great company with such supportive and amazing people. I know it will be hard to leave babybug when I have to go back to work, but at least I like what I do, where I work and who I work with!

I had my daily hang out with my bed rest buddy down the hall. I think it must be very rare to know someone on bed rest at the same time in the same hospital. Coincidence? I think we were thrown a bone… considering this has been tough for both of us… knowing someone who is going through it at the same time has definitely made it easier!

Anyway, I’ll update tomorrow with the Ultrasound results…