Next Stop- ER!

We really filled the day… worked 8 hours, bought a new car, went home and made dinner, went to ER, got pulled over, went home… phew! Isla has a picc line in her right arm which has been there since the beginning of November. Her IV meds are delivered through the line, but on Tuesday night, we noticed the line was coming out of her arm and was slightly kinked. Here you can kind of see:


So we paged the PH team and they told us to go to Children’s ER to get an X-Ray to see if the line had moved too far out of place. Luckily it was okay, so we were able to go home. Had it moved, we would have been admitted and they would have needed to put in a temporary IV which would have been traumatizing for everyone. It’s going to stay in for another week or so, until we move to a more permanent option.