Happy Father’s Day!

It’s crazy to think that Matt will be a dad in a little more than a week! He is going to be such an amazing father, I can’t wait to see it unfold. Now our focus is beginning to shift from bed rest to parenthood! With each passing day, reality is setting in… we are going to meet babybug so soon. We’re wondering if she’s going to be camera shy since she’s gotten so much attention in utero. It will be interesting to see!

Things looked good today. My BP is slowly creeping up which is actually normal in the third trimester of pregnancy. They are keeping a close eye on that, and if it passes a threshold we will deliver early… but at this point, if that happens it will only be a few days earlier than scheduled. We’re still hoping we can make it to the 25th. We have another final Ultrasound scheduled on Thursday, and results from that could also push up the date… but if they look the same as last week, we’ll be good to go with the current plan. We’ll keep you posted!