Best Birthday Gift Ever!

On April 1st I turn 35! This year I already know what I am getting as a gift, and I am sooo excited. On April 1st, Isla will be coming off the pump! This is such great news because it means she is doing well and her heart is stronger. The plan is to check into Children’s on the 1st around 11am. We will unhook her pump and they will monitor her overnight. The next morning she is scheduled for a Right Heart Catheterization at 7:30am which will require about three hours under anesthesia. The medication in the pump has a 4-hour half-life, so by the time she goes in for her Cath, they will be able to tell if her heart needs to be back on the medication.

It will be such a strangely emotional birthday, made up of joy from her coming off the pump and fear of her going under anesthesia. We will focus our thoughts and energy around her making it through this procedure safely, and heading home pump-free shortly after. I can just see her now in a bathing suit, splashing around in a pool… Matt and I can’t wait for that!

Our visit will likely overlap with another PH family who we learned about when Isla was first diagnosed. The little girl’s name is Brooklyn and her story when she was first diagnosed was very similar to Isla’s. They made a video about her PH journey (below) which I encourage you to watch and share. It’s amazing what our babies have been through! I am really excited to get Brooklyn the Brave and Isla the PHighter together. There will be strength beaming from the room where they meet 🙂

Please send your thoughts, love, energy and prayers to our little Islabug on April 2nd. We will keep you posted. xo