36 Weeks!!!

I can’t believe we made it to 36 weeks! We checked in here 3 weeks ago and the thought of making it this long seemed impossible. Based on the fact that we’ve been able to let babybug grow a little longer and based on todays Ultrasound results, it turns out that sitting on your ass for 3 weeks really does help! The ultrasound showed that the amniotic fluid was up to a normal level and was even higher than last week, dopplers looked good, her movement looked good, it all looked good! They normally wait 4 weeks to do growth checks, but since it was our last appointment they went ahead and did it, even though the last check was only 2.5 weeks ago. She is still small, but they estimated 5 pounds (last time they estimated 3 pounds and 14 ounces). The growth checks can be off a pound either way, but regardless… we’ll take it!

The perinatologist recommends we keep our appointment for next Tuesday and because my placenta hasn’t moved enough, we will still move forward with a C-Section. The only things that could push the date up would be signs of preeclampsia or any negative changes to the fetal heart monitoring. So, we’ll keep you posted… for now we’re just keeping our eye on the prize!


Last Ultrasound Tomorrow!

My dad and I were joking yesterday that they need to come up with a different name for ‘Bed Rest’. Doesn’t ‘Bed Rest’ sound so relaxing? Who wouldn’t want to rest in their bed? I think they should call it: Bed Fatigue or Bed Prison or Freedom Snatcher or Muscle Mass Remover. What do you think? Clearly you can tell that I don’t think it’s relaxing 🙂

So, it looks like our LAST ultrasound will be tomorrow. The Perinatologist won’t be here on Thursday so they bumped it up. I’m nervous and excited… we are getting so close! Today was a nice day. Some co-workers stopped by for lunch… I am so lucky to work at such a great company with such supportive and amazing people. I know it will be hard to leave babybug when I have to go back to work, but at least I like what I do, where I work and who I work with!

I had my daily hang out with my bed rest buddy down the hall. I think it must be very rare to know someone on bed rest at the same time in the same hospital. Coincidence? I think we were thrown a bone… considering this has been tough for both of us… knowing someone who is going through it at the same time has definitely made it easier!

Anyway, I’ll update tomorrow with the Ultrasound results…

Party in my room!

We had our ultrasound today. Everything looked good… really no changes from last week which is great. We are going to have one more ultrasound next Thursday and then NO MORE! The first one we had at 20 weeks was so wonderful and exciting… but now, I’m OVER them. Today was a good day because the results looked good and it seems like we should make it to 37 weeks, but I am still kind of having a tough night. I think I’m just sick of being poked and prodded. The nurses are all very sweet, but they come in and take my BP, temp, pulse, check lungs and adjust the monitor at minimum every 4 hours, even through the night… and I’m done. 11 more days… 11 more days… 11 more days. I’m sure the increase in hormones is not helping me out 🙂 

I had lots of company today. Matt was here in the morning and evening, my sister in law and niece and newborn nephew came for a visit, my mum was here most of the day, a friend stopped by and brought dinner and video clips from our wedding which was AWESOME, and my “bed rest buddy” who checked in here the other day came by for our daily hang out. We were joking that our rooms are kind of like dorm rooms with people coming in and out to hang. The only thing missing is lots and lots of alcohol, which sounds extra amazing right now 😉 I know we will be meeting for a drink once we both get through this!

Last Day of Bed Rest Scheduled!


I’m not going to lie… I’m definitely getting bored of this position. However, reality set in today when the Doctor came in with my C-Section date of June 25th. It’s officially on the books, yikes! That’s 12.5 more days on bed rest. But who’s counting? We have another Ultrasound with the perinatologist tomorrow, so assuming everything looks the same (fingers crossed!!!), we should be good to go with the June 25th date. Of course, it’s still one day at a time here, so we will be prepared if that date has to come sooner… hopefully not!!!