Entertainment while in bed… not that kind!


I really do have such amazing friends and family. Every day that I’ve been here, multiple people have stopped by to hang out and so many people who aren’t close enough to stop by have sent such kind words and some hilarious care packages. These books are just a couple of things that were recently sent. We need to market this ‘Yoga in Bed’ book to people on bed rest. What a great idea!

Today was a very nice day. I got a solid night sleep last night which is kind of rare here. They offer Ambien every night because it’s not the most comfortable place to sleep… plus you never know when you’ll wake up to some heavy screaming. I always have to remind myself where I am when I hear that. I have gone without Ambien for most of my time here and overall I do okay. I just don’t want to take anything unless it’s absolutely necessary.

I supposedly was showing contractions again today but I’m not feeling them, so that’s good! Besides that things looked good today. Actually, today went by really fast. That’s something I never thought I would say while staying here! To send you off, here’s another picture of a stuffed doggie from Matt’s mom. He’s keeping me company since I can’t be with my doggies who I miss dearly! In this picture he’s keeping my spot warm 🙂