What a Difference a Year Makes!

This time last year, we had NO idea what was coming! The day after Memorial Day I went to my Doctors appointment and was admitted to the hospital on bed rest- the reason I started this blog in the first place! In the last year we definitely had some life changing experiences. I was thinking about one experience and (now that some time has passed) I was laughing about it… Isla was in the hospital in her medically induced coma and she needed a blood transfusion. The Doctors came in with the paperwork and waivers and went over all of the risks with us. There was a page long list of things that could happen but were highly unlikely, such as 1 in 50,000 chance or getting Disease A and 1 in 200,000 chance of getting Disease B. The Doctor was trying to reassure us that it was very safe and clearly the chances of anything on the list were slim because of the statistics. What this Doctor didn’t realize was PH affects 1 in 1 million people, so our odds weren’t on our side. When I remembered that day recently I just thought to myself- Holy Shit- we have been through some major stuff this year! Nobody should have to have those conversations… Nobody!

I know for me, it has really put things in perspective. I have always been pretty even keeled… but now I feel like I am even MORE so! I just don’t sweat the small stuff… maybe it’s because we have so much BIG stuff… or maybe it’s because we got a reminder that life is fragile and it’s important to make the most of every day because tomorrow is never assured. Interestingly enough, my Meyers Briggs personality type changed. If you are familiar with it, I was an ESTJ and am now an ESFJ. Typically, personality types don’t change… but I would imagine that a life changing event can make an impact!

Isla is doing really well. She is enjoying her night-time only Oxygen! She is a joy to be around, and I cherish the moments that all three of us- Matt, Isla and I can be together. I was just thinking… we need family picture! Here are a few… 



This is right before we found out we were having a baby!


This was taken in the hospital, before Isla was born.


This was taken when Isla was 2 months old.


And we don’t have any more family pictures since then… just one of us taking a picture of the other… so we need a family photo 🙂




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