A Mellow Mood :)


Today I was actually excited to lay in this bed because a local massage therapist came to my room in the hospital and gave me a pre-natal massage! The first week I was here, Matt surprised me with a massage from ‘A Mellow Mood‘. It was exactly what I needed- to calm the mind and to help my body adjust to the constant rest. Last week, one of my bosses stopped by and was asking about the massage and who did it… I didn’t realize that she was asking so she could give me the gift of another massage (thanks Annette!). What a treat! Amazingly the massage therapist said I was less tight/tense today than I was last time. I guess I’ve relaxed and settled in!

Today went well. Mum left early this morning which is a bummer, but she’ll be back next weekend before the big day! Babybug is moving around a lot and was looking good on the monitor today so I was able to get some breaks. Yesterday on the other hand, I was on the monitor for most of the day. It really is day to day here! I have been knitting quite a bit. Unfortunately I ran out of yarn for my hat and the brand/color seems to be discontinued, but we found someone in Canada who sells it. While I wait for that to come, I’ve started on a baby cardigan. Fingers crossed I can do it… I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but it’s worth a try!



Passing the time!


Today was an uneventful day, which is a very good thing when you are on bed rest in the hospital! They let me come off the monitor at 5 this morning which was great. I got 4 solid hours of uninterrupted sleep. From the start of the day until 5pm I was on the monitor, but then they gave me another 4 hour break… so I got to sit on the couch and take a wheel chair ride to the patio for dinner. I am hoping these breaks continue over my stay… we’ll see! I am trying to accept that every day is going to be different and I just need to go with the flow! Mum and Matt spent the day with me which was wonderful. I am definitely feeling better today!┬áMum taught me how to knit, so I am knitting this hat. After this I will attempt some baby booties for babybug. When I had a moment off the monitor today, Matt took my “8 month” picture. We’ve been doing that every month, so I’ll just go ahead and post them all.