To Plan or Not to Plan…

Matt and I have always been planners… plan activities for the day, plan meals for the week, plan vacations for the year, etc. When we got pregnant, we did what most couples do- we set a birth plan. It was informal… not even written down actually… but we knew the plan was to have a natural birth. People always tell you to be flexible because often times you can’t follow your birth plan, but quite honestly I thought we would be fine since our plan was pretty high level. Well, that didn’t happen… and if you know us or have read earlier posts, we had a scheduled C-Section instead. 

After Isla was born, we set a plan for her care. I would stay home for 12 weeks and then we would have family come and help for 6 weeks and then she would go to daycare. We made it two weeks into her daycare stint before she got sick. Since then we realized that Isla is just not a good candidate for daycare, and really with all of her meds and SubQ and Oxygen, a nanny isn’t even realistic. One of us has to stay home. Based on our current situation, it makes more sense for Matt to stay home, so he recently informed his employer and is officially a stay at home dad!

We have had family and friends in town for a while to help out, but just yesterday our last house guest left and it was Matt’s first official day home alone with Isla. I have always known that he would be such an amazing stay at home dad, and on day one he blew my expectations out of the water. I came home to a list of what they did together and an amazing home cooked meal. Isla and I are so damn lucky!