There are no cats in America…


Do you remember that movie ‘An American Tail’? Matt and I were joking about it the other day… I feel like Fievel, separated from my family. Now in the middle of the night, I wake up thinking about that song ‘Somewhere Out There’ as I gaze out the window. I’m not sure if that’s sad or funny. Let’s go with funny! 

So, I am off the monitor right now for 4 hours, yay! The last two days I haven’t gotten off a whole lot. They keep saying she’s reassuring but not reactive… meaning her heart rate is stable but not spiking in a way they like to see. There are still some dips as usual too. We’re thinking there is something going on with the cord. It must be wrapped around something or tied in a knot, so when she moves a certain way, it must cut of the flow and make the heart rate drop. But it always goes back up, so it’s stable. Of course this is all speculation and we don’t really know, hence why I am here! It will be interesting to see the cord when she comes out on Tuesday!!!

My hat yarn came in so I hope to get that finished soon. If I can actually finish that and make a dent on the baby cardigan, I will be happy. I’m not sure how much time I will have once babybug arrives…


A Mellow Mood :)


Today I was actually excited to lay in this bed because a local massage therapist came to my room in the hospital and gave me a pre-natal massage! The first week I was here, Matt surprised me with a massage from ‘A Mellow Mood‘. It was exactly what I needed- to calm the mind and to help my body adjust to the constant rest. Last week, one of my bosses stopped by and was asking about the massage and who did it… I didn’t realize that she was asking so she could give me the gift of another massage (thanks Annette!). What a treat! Amazingly the massage therapist said I was less tight/tense today than I was last time. I guess I’ve relaxed and settled in!

Today went well. Mum left early this morning which is a bummer, but she’ll be back next weekend before the big day! Babybug is moving around a lot and was looking good on the monitor today so I was able to get some breaks. Yesterday on the other hand, I was on the monitor for most of the day. It really is day to day here! I have been knitting quite a bit. Unfortunately I ran out of yarn for my hat and the brand/color seems to be discontinued, but we found someone in Canada who sells it. While I wait for that to come, I’ve started on a baby cardigan. Fingers crossed I can do it… I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but it’s worth a try!


You know you’ve been in the hospital too long when….

Matt, Mum and I were able to escape to the patio for dinner which was great. The view is amazing…


As we were sitting there, mum said “the silhouette of the mountains really look…” I thought she was going to say something like ‘beautiful’ or ‘majestic’ or ‘calming’, but no, she said “the silhouette of the mountains really look like babybugs heart rate on the fetal monitor.” What’s sad is she’s right! I’m never going to look at the mountains the same!


Clearly we’ve been trapped in here too long. Actually, as a matter of fact, today marks 2 weeks in the hospital and we’re at 35 Weeks!!! The count down is on! 37 weeks doesn’t seem so unattainable… we just need to keep doing what we’re doing!

Today was a nice day. A friend from my prenatal yoga class stopped by for lunch. It’s always nice to hang with other pregnant ladies. Unfortunately I also spent some time with another pregnant friend from birth class… I say unfortunately because she checked in here today. I really hope she gets to go home, as much as I would love the company… I don’t wish this on anyone. We got a wheel chair ride to the waiting room earlier today to get a change of scenery. Check out our sweet rides…


As you can tell, I’m in good spirits today. I hoping it’s not a phase… but we’ll see. One day at a time!



This monitor has become my life! Yesterday was such a great day, but the reduction in monitoring to 1 hour every 8 hours didn’t last long. The Dr today (a different one) doesn’t feel comfortable taking me off the monitor for that long. So I need to be hooked up at all times until they see some good heart rate accelerations. If that happens, I can come off the monitor for 4 hours. There was a moment there where they were going to wait to see accelerations before they let me even shower today. I lost it! That’s the only moment of freedom I get in my day and they tried to take it away! Thank god my nurse realizes that the simple things like being able to shower while on bed rest are extremely important, so she talked with my Dr and got the okay.

Even though yesterday was amazing, it was a bit of a tease! Anyway, I know it’s all in the best interest of our babybug, so I’ll do whatever I have to do. I am definitely struggling to stay positive today. I think it’s because of the change in plans and also because it’s Friday which is normally such a great day, but when you’re in the hospital, Fridays and the weekends are harder. This is when you normally get to let loose and have some fun… but I’m just stuck in here. Some friends are stopping by soon, and Matt and Mum will keep me company too, so I will be okay. I just need to snap out of it!